Environmental Services Department

Environmental Services Department

CSC's Environmental Services Department provides multimedia regulatory compliance and environmental management services. Our regulatory compliance specialists will ensure that your facility meets the monitoring, record keeping, reporting, and permitting requirements of local, state, and federal environmental regulations.

CSC's expertise covers the spectrum of regulatory programs:

env2.gif In addition to helping ensure that your facility complies, CSC's environmental professionals can develop an environmental management system that will pay other dividends. Voluntary environmental programs can enhance economic performance, ensure the long-term sustainability of the enterprise, improve employee satisfaction, enhance public image, reduce environmental liability, and lessen agency scrutiny.

CSC can help you to:

CSC's Environmental Services Department is confident that we can exceed your expectation. Let us take on your environmental responsibilities so you can focus on what you do best. Call Mr. John Frye, President, at 412-826-5480 x228 or send e-mail to JFrye@comprehensivesafety.com to find out more about how CSC's Environmental Services Department can help you.

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