MOM - (M)SDS/OSHA Management System

(M)SDS/OSHA Management (MOM)

MOM Combines the power of a database, the versatility of Internet technology, and a user-friendly interface to provide real-time access to SDSs for all your employees. CSC's (M)SDS/OSHA Management (MOM) system provides a revolutionary new way for companies to handle the tedious and costly management of SDSs and OSHA HazCom reporting, tracking and maintenance. HazCom is the single most-cited OSHA regulation facing industry, hospitals and educational institutions today. With MOM you can be assured that your workers have real-time information on all regulated chemicals at your facilities. This provides for a healthy and safe workplace and satisfies regulatory requirements.

Main Graphic Staying competitive in today's market requires that companies focus on their core competencies and reduce costs associated with non-core but necessary business functions. Complying with OSHA's HazCom requirements and EPA's SARA reporting mandates are time-consuming and expensive. Compliance becomes even more daunting as the quantity of chemicals utilized and/or the number of facilities increases.

CSC's MOM system provides a Web-based compliance, chemical tracking and reporting program that requires only an Internet connection, browser and password to access all available information from the corporate level down to the work area. There is no software to purchase and learn, and no data entry required. Once your account is activated, you can expect improved compliance and material tracking. In addition, the system can assist your purchasing department by reducing the costs associated with buying redundant chemicals at multiple facilities (e.g., bulk purchasing).

CSC's team has provided Right-to-Know and safety services to many companies for over 15 years. MOM is the culmination of our efforts.

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